12 Important SEO Tips for Your Web Site or Blog


12 Important SEO Tips for Your Web Site or Blog

To optimize your whole and entire site for search engines, you’ll definitely need to follow these best basic tips:

1. Make sure the website about one thing / niche.

2. Mention top keywords where they matter most.

3. Link to web site internal pages on your own site.

4. Use a permalink structure that actually includes keywords.

5. Remove anything that actually slows down your website loading time.

6. Use keywords in your web site images.

7. Link to other related websites with some relevant content.

8. Update your website very frequently.

9. Make sure your website is actually indexed by search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing.

10. Have other websites link pointing back to you.

11. Stop changing your own domain name.

12. Write like a human not like a robot for search engines.


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