Mi40X Review – PDF EBook Book Free Download

mi40xMi40X Review – PDF EBook Book Free Download

The blueprint actually comes in multimedia format, plus ranging from PDF manuals to real video libraries, each revolving actually on 1 hour workout session, and also utilizing up to 8 different techniques. Upon the purchase, you are ultimately redirected to a members’ page with a worm welcome video by Ben Pakulsky called:

  • The Rapid Start the Action Plan – this is a actually very important 5 minute top video to set you up real properly for the training waiting actually for you in order to really avoid poor results and also injury and get the most out of the real program.

The PDF Manuals

  • The Cep Training Blueprint – this is the real muscle bible of the program and also the core of the real workout methods, including what you actually must NOT do and the real wrong training methods that actually stop your muscle gains and also even promote fat storing.

The training layout is actually split in different stages and also up to 18 weeks, and is actually flexible enough to be really adjusted to beginners, intermediate and also advanced. Here is a concise breakdown:

  • High Volume Phase –: with an emphasis on sets volume and also high and low real reps movements alternated twice a week
  • Hypertrophy Phase –: using heavier – resistance with a lower volume
  • Strength Phase –: increasing resistance even the further up to – 1 rep max
  • Deloading Phase –: resting your real muscles and also giving your nervous system a break
  • Over Reaching Phase –: training hard again and after the deloading
  • Hyper Recovery phase –: training with real moderate intensity for real optimal recovery
  • The 7 Day Primer Phase – this is a mandatory stage to get your body used to the kind of stress waiting for you and it should be used in conjunction with the videos to completely understand the techniques.
  • The 7 Day Detox Guide –: this guide actually goes hand in hand with the Primer Phase, and is really recommended by Ben to help your own body get rid of all the real junk toxins you actually have been eating before, preparing your body to really absorb the nutrients it will need when really under the high stress – CEP training. It can actually last up to 3 weeks, but even just 1 is actually enough before starting.
  • CEP Practical Application – Guide
  • The Exercise Execution – Guide
  • Workout Sheets
  • The Nutrition – Guide
  • Supplement – Guide
  • FAQs – Guide

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