Fat Loss Factor Review – PDF EBook Book Free Download

fat loss factorFat Loss Factor Review – PDF EBook Book Free Download

Dr Charles Livingston actually has designed the plan to really cater to the needs of real different types of people. May be you actually want to lose just a really few pounds? May be you actually want to shed a lot of weight? Or actually May be you want to lose it real quickly. The book actually provides three plans which actually will suit the real requirements of different people.

  1. Steady – Weight Loss Plan: Lose one to two real pounds a week on average.
  2. Quick – Weight Loss Plan: Lose 3 to 4 real pounds a week on average.
  3. Turbo – Weight Loss Plan: Lose 5 to 6 real pounds a week on average.

As you can see from the above list, the diet plan actually provides for all types of people. If you are in real no rush and wants to take the real relax route follow the steady plan. If you actually want to look great on an real occasion and also want to expedite the fat loss process, you have to follow the Quick weight loss plan. If you actually want to surprise other at your real first appearance, then you might go for the real Turbo Weight loss plan.

 Eat Whatever You Like and Still Lose Weight!

“But that is a real slogan of every fad diet”, I hear you actually saying. I agree. True, every single diet actually says that. But remember as I said in the real beginning seeing is believing. Let me make it clear that it actually does not mean that you can actually eat whatever you like at any time during day and any quantity. No, but you actually have time for indulgence. Yes, the author actually calls them cheat days. Although, the real recommended cheat day is once a week, I had actually even two a week. I ate all that and I wanted i.e. burgers, and fries, and ice-cream, and donuts, and cakes, and biscuits and what not and what not.

However, the more I actually followed the program, the less I actually felt like eating such junk. Not that I had actually any feelings of deprivation, but it was a real natural withdrawal progress. Within just three weeks, my body had actually adjusted to the new system. I do not actually have cravings for these junk foods any more. I still cheat sometimes myself on an some occasional day.

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